Allity Difference




From the very day we began our journey as Allity, we set ourselves a challenge to change the perception of aged care. What we know is that ageing is inevitable, but it doesn’t mean we lose our ability to live life.

Maybe we don’t move as quickly as we used to, but who needs legs and arms to sing louder than we ever have. Our memory may not be as sharp, but what’s to stop us from building new ones with the same family members and maybe even some new friends.

Biting into an apple isn’t as easy, whether it be our teeth are more sensitive or for some, not even having a full set anymore – but that doesn’t mean our taste buds can’t be tantalised.

Living at Allity is all about making the best of every day and most of the time, it is just about having someone there to remind you that you CAN.

So let’s sing, laugh, eat and reminisce together, because this is living at Allity.

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