Chef at work



We’re stirring up the taste buds – a dining experience

Our chefs are special people; they do far more than just prepare meals.

Collectively they bring together years of experience working in restaurants and kitchens from around the world bringing our residents the flavours of their countries of origin. We have chefs and cooks from Switzerland, England, the Philippines, Greece, Sri Lanka, Italy, South Africa and Malaysia, to name but a few … and that’s not to forget our many home grown Aussie chefs as well.

We put a lot of time and effort into designing menus that combine the best use of fresh produce for nutrition and well-being. To assist with this, we regularly come together to review menus, exchange ideas and experiences, refresh knowledge and skills and introduce taste innovations, many of which originate from resident food focus groups within individual homes.

While we know our residents like ‘home cooked’ style meals and some of the more traditional menus, we are also aware that many cultures put a major emphasis on food. Our chefs are always up for the challenge of creating menus that help our residents connect to theirs and each other’s cultures.

Drop by and join us for an Allity Dining Experience.